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Dr. Walter Jordan II


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Walter Earl Jordan II was born on April 27, 1968 to Bishop Walter & Co-Pastor Shirley Jordan as one of four children. He graduated from Oral Roberts University, The William Morgan James Ministerial Institute, Sarasota University, and also has Doctorate of Divinity.

He was an associate of many organizations:  the Mansfield Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, Victory New Testament Fellowship, the Charismatic Fellowship, the Pastors Global Network, the Network of Local Pastors, and Key International Ministries.

During his time, he had the honor of serving on numerous community and religious boards such as the Mental Health Steering Committee, The Inter-agency Committee, The North-end Collaborative, The Steering Committee of Minorities of Ohio State University, Mansfield Board of Education Fiscal Committee, Fresh Word Temple Board Member, Covenant Ministries, and The Planning and Logistics Committee of Ohio North Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.

Being born and raised in a pastor’s house, Pastor Walt conceived a deep-rooted affection and appreciation for Christ at an early age. Describing himself as a peculiar child, he often stood out from his peers. God had put a love for ministry in his heart at a young age and even though he did not recognize it at the time.

In 2008, Dr. Walt changed the name of the church to “Oasis of Love”. The inspiration for the name came from his father, Bishop Jordan who began calling the church Greater St John with the tag line “The Oasis of Love”. According to Dr. Walt, his father always referred to the building specifically as The Oasis of Love and Dr. Walt decided to legally change it.

His sermons included recurring series on Procrastination, Team Work, Prayer, and Joy and Forgiveness and Faith the Facts. He is known for being kingdom-minded, loving God and God’s People. His ministry focus is to promote Kingdom excellence in order to glorify God. He taught under the prophetic anointing of the Holy Spirit while using illustrative messages through the use of props.

Dr. Walter E. Jordan II served as pastor from 2004, until he retired in 2019. After retiring, Dr. Walt remained active in the Mansfield Community until his untimely death on January 26, 2020. In the year 2020, The Oasis of Love changed its address from 190 Chester Avenue to 190 Walter Jordan Drive. Simultaneously honoring both him and father who had served before him.

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